L.G.M. Training was formed in 2002 and is a family run business which is run by my self (Liam) and my wife Denise and son Paul. During the last seven years we have trained thousands of individuals in a variety of backgrounds and fields which have included industrial, construction, utilities and civil. We have catered for lots of different industries some of which are Water treatment, electricity suppliers, nuclear fuels, the fire brigade, aerospace, local councils, government contracts as well as small companies and individuals. Delivering courses for other training companies has very often left our hands tied as regards facilities and equipment, training aids and quality guidance booklets. So we decided to set up our own training centre which will allow us to control the whole package and deliver courses to a better standard. This of course will take time to achieve and will not happen over night but hopefully anybody who visits our training centre either for training or just to visit will hopefully see what we are striving for.
Finally, if you are looking for a family run training company that wants to offer you training to the highest standard then contact us by email or phone And we will only to glad to speak to you.